Feedback from some SQC Customers




Mitch's 350z


"After hearing several positive experiences with SQC Tuning, I decided to reach out to Eric to tune my 350z. The entire experience from start to finish was exceptional. The quality of work from Eric's expertise in the world of tuning really shows. It became very evident within minutes of meeting Eric that I had clearly made the right choice. He has completely outdone himself and even went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with the end-result. Words cannot even begin to describe how happy I am. Needless to say, I will ONLY trust my car in Eric's hands from now on! Thanks again for everything" - Sept. 2015


SQC Tuning - Comparison of Stock Spark Plugs to Pulstar Spark plugs on both Oem Map and Tuned with Uprev.

Allen's SC300


"Eric is an awesome dude, I love my new tune this car has never felt so good!" - Feb. 2014


Raf's RSX


"Just wanted to say thanks for everything you have done to the rsx. I can't thank you enough for all your hard work, she's fun to drive on a daily basis, I am more than satisfied with the outcome. Thanks again Rafael" - July. 2012


SQC Tuning - Fully Built k24, Fabricated 3 inch turbo back exhaust, Tuned Kpro.

AJ(707whp Neon)


"Man, I've been driving the black Neon a lot lately and it runs so, so freaking good! Driveability is amazing. I can't thank you enough" - Sept. 2011



"Thx again for all the help on the dyno. I don't think I would've been so please with outcome with any other tuner." - Sept. 2010



"Man your good.... Car runs like a champ.... Thanks again for everything!!!! Total turn around on Performance!!!!" - Feb. 2011



"If it helps your decision at all, SQC tuned every one of my cars. This includes a ~500whp Integra, my fp green 2.5 RSTI, my 2.3l hx35 Evo 8, plus any other projects that will come up in the future. Had I purchased Nistune for my RB25 S14, he would've tuned that as well. " - Feb. 2011

Porter About Junior's


"Junior's car is a factory freak haha, Fast!"

"The best I did was pulled him by like a fender, and he got me by a car and a half twice.... Great Job!" - Oct. 2010



"Thanks again, Car feels much better. Was the (anonymous shop's) tune just that bad???" - Feb. 2011



"Car Feels Awesome! Pulls like a freight train now. Thanks!" - Feb. 2011



"Thanks for everything. I love my car lol, I raced a 405whp STI and won by 4 cars ;) 2nd fastest in my town now." - Feb. 2011


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