SQC Tuning Prices


DynoJet Rental (not included in price of tune) Rates:


NM Imports 2WD Dyno $100.00/Hr

DynoEdge 2WD Dyno $100.00/Hr

TomTuned AWD Dyno $100.00/Hr



Tuning OBD2 Flash System Prices (equipment not included):


Uprev Tuning(OBD2 Nissan): $350.00 + License($300.00 Osiris Basic license or $400.00 Osiris with launch/antilag)

HP Tuners Tuning(OBD2 GM,Ford,Dodge+more): $350.00 + License($100.00 to $800.00 depending on make and transmission license)

SCT Tuning(Ford,GM,Dodge): $350.00 + License($100.00 for basic license)(SCT Device Needed)

Cobb(Ford,Nissan,Mitsubishi,Subaru,Mazda): $350.00 + License($150.00)(Accessport Device Needed)

Eurodyne(VW, AUDI): $350.00 + License($800.00 with Device or $500.00 w/o )

Hondata Kpro or Flash Pro Tuning: $350.00 (Dyno Needed to Adjust iVtec)(Device Needed)

ECU Flash (WRX/EVO): $350.00


Tuning Universal System Prices (equipment not included):


Mega Squirt 1,2,3x, 3pro (programming only): $350.00 (for install or packages - call for price)

AEM v1, v2, Infinity EMS: $350.00

Holley EFi: $350.00

Haltech: $350.00

Apexi Power FC: $350.00

MISC Tuning Software: $CALL


Tuning Obd1 System Prices (equipment not included):


Hondata S300 Tuning: $350.00

SQC Obd1 Honda Chip Tuning: $350.00

DSM Link Tuning: $350.00

Tuner RT Tuning: $350.00


Add-ons to Above Basic Tuning (equipment not included):


Program a 2nd fuel map i.e. E85 and Gas (flexfuel sensor or map switching needed): $100.00

Program Boost by Gear/Speed (hondata or Standalones): $100.00

Program Traction Control (requires hardware): $100.00


Tuning Piggy Back Computer System Prices (equipment not included):


AEM FIC: $350.00

MapECU: $350.00

Apexi SAFC tune: $200.00

Emanage Blue/Ultimate: $350.00


FULL PAYMENT REQUIRED BEFORE THE VEHICLE MAY BE PICKED UP. Parts need to be paid for before they will be ordered.

Tuning High Boost must be done on a dyno!!!

Retunes Apply Only to the original owner of the vehicle and must be on the same car and computer. $100.00 (includes first 2/hrs additional time at $50/hr)

Tuning fees do not include labor costs. If something needs to be fixed on your car it will be additional.



Products/Installation/Labor: Prices


SQC is a dealer for Uprev. Call for Pricing

SQC is a dealer for Diy Auto Products including MegaSquirt. Call for Pricing

SQC is a dealer for Fuel Injector Connection Products. Call for Pricing

Megasquirt Engine Management System Install (parts & tune not included): $500.00

MISC Engine Management Install: $Call

Boost Solenoid for Standalone EMS Install : $150.00

Misc labor /Wiring / Diagnostic : $60.00/hr

Vehicle Storage : $10.00/Day

Prices last update 11/17. Call SQC Tuning 575-621-8205 for more details.


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