1973 Datsun 240z. Click on the pictures to see a full build page.


1997 Turbo Integra. Click the pictures to see more info.


Oct 08 I picked up this 280zx. I had been looking a Datsun 240z's for a while and as luck would have it I have received a 280zx from amanda's Sister and Husband. Fast forward to 2009 I fixed it up got it running and sold it to fund the 73 240z.


The car that got me hooked. I learned on my new 95 Neon how fun it was to modify cars.


My Accord. I built a custom stereo system at the Installers Institute when i got my MECP cert. Sold after only 6mths for the Integra.


The Legendary Integra. Ive had this car longer than any other. It has been threw so many changes through out the years. Its been turbocharged since 1999.


The 2 trucks I have owned and modified. 81 Vw Rabbit pickup with a 16V engine swap. Cherokee with a 8" lift.


The Miata I turbocharged. I had fun in it but needed a family car.


Kylie's Custom Bike. It was red but we pulled it apart and painted it pink sparkle. She helped spin wrenches and sand it down. Nice family project!